Welcome to Prime Clothing International
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Our Services
Only Quality
"To deliver the highest standards of quality products to meet the needs of people that will enrich their lives; and to be the global exports company admired for its people, products and trust"
Our vision makes us:
  • Derive, develop and deliver quality garment products
  • Constantly make lives happy with our innovations that will offer a better lifestyle
  • Be a company that’s known for integrity, sustainability and valued responsibility to the society and the planet
  • Earn the admiration of all our stakeholders - investors, customers, communities and our employees - not only for the goals we achieve but how we achieve them
Quality Mission
We can also
  • Well Understand
    We have a keen sense of customer understanding to meeting their demands according to their requirements
  • Achivement
    To achieve the all through highest touch of professionalism, best quality and planned merchandising
  • Worldwide
    To expand our distribution market from the existing presence of USA, Europe, South Africa and Mexico
  • Well Optimized
    Also by sustained commitment and not faltering on our business ethics
  • Knowledge
    To drive solutions across all aspects in apparel and readymade garments
  • Quality Code
    Apart from these we never give up when it comes quality. Quality is our Goal
How we serve
We strive the following to fulfill our Customer's Satisfaction
  • Collecting Customers requirements of Fabric & Styles
  • Identifying and Selecting appropriate Source
  • Receiving and Verifying Suppliers price Quotations
  • Studying their suitability’s
  • Both in terms of quality and capacity to meet contractual requirements
  • Finalization of Prices
  • Discussing with Suppliers on Process Planning
  • Samples Follow Ups
  • Forwarding Samples
  • Merchandiser Meeting
  • Testing and Inspections
  • Arranging and carry out fabric size set and final Inspection
  • Preparing required shipping documentsForwarding Samples
  • Arranging Vessel for Shipment