Welcome to Prime Clothing International
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Quality Policy
Prime Clothing is dedicated to the quality policy that will ensure that its products and services shall fully meet the requirements of its customers at all times. The goal of the company is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction at all times and to continually strive for improvement. According to this policy, the Company

  • identifies the most reliable sources to purchase raw materials
  • checks the quality of the materials on arrival
  • gets replacements as and when defective material is received
  • makes sure that all products go through quality checks during production process
  • checks products after production before packing
  • makes sure that every consignment leaves the factory with zero-defect products.

In case of noticing any error, the Company takes immediate necessary action to eliminate or correct the cause for errors. 'Flawless perfection and consistency in quality' is the motto of the Company.
Environmental Policy
Prime Clothing complies with all rules, regulations and standards applicable to infrastructural facilities, factory operations and trade practices and takes all care to create an eco-friendly environment. Government agencies are always permitted to inspect the facilities for compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Their inspection reports, operating certificates, notices of deficiencies, corrective action reports and correspondences regarding inspections are kept at the site for perusal of future inspection teams.
Not satisfied with mere compliance with the environmental regulations in place, the Company has taken initiatives of its own to conserve scarce natural resources, to save energy as far as possible, to manage wastes and recycle these, especially water, and to reduce pollution both atmospheric and environmental to the minimum. Some of the steps already implemented are:

  • Accommodation facilities of the workers were far away and these were shifted close to the factory, to walking distance.
  • 60% of fresh water was replaced by recycled water
  • Paper usage was reduced considerably
  • Mezzanine floors were constructed to reduce further land usage
  • Solid wastes, such as paper and food wastes, were managed in an eco-friendly manner

Welfare Policy
The Welfare Policy of the Company is based on the welfare of the labourers and employees, giving them more than their legitimate due. The following measures are taken to ensure that everyone who works for Prime Clothing is satisfied with his remuneration, fringe benefits, work atmosphere and welfare measures:

  • All payments of mandated wages, overtime allowances, additional legal benefits and payments are promptly made
  • Hours worked on each day and days worked in each week do not exceed the maximum permitted by law
  • There is no child labour, forced labour, involuntary labour, bonded labour or any such practices that go against laws and natural justice
  • No form of physical, sexual, psychological, verbal or other harassment or abuse is allowed in the work place or lodgings provided by the Company
  • There is no discrimination on the basis of caste, class, country, political or religious beliefs, gender, age or any other distinction.
  • There is freedom of association and collective bargaining and there is no discrimination against those who engage in such activities or in favour of those who do not.
  • Health and safety of the staff and workers are ensured with adequate First Aid Kits, nutritive food, quality accommodation, sanitation facilities, fire safety measures, etc at the workplace and the company lodging facilities.